Award for the best film testing the boundaries of documentary film,
in the amount of 15 000 PLN, funded by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage


Velsignet vaere dette sted / Blessed be This Place, dir. Carl Olsson

In a highly aesthetic as well as universal film language we are taken into the everyday lives of people of different ages and different situations, creating a common feeling of the passing of time. We very much appreciated the use of sound and music.



Award for the most moving film,
in the amount of 10 000 PLN, funded by the Marshal of the West Pomerania Province


Salome, dir. Yrsa Roca Fannberg 

A touching film about choices and turning points in life – about loneliness, rejection and preferring lobster to men. All told through a stubborn point of view that matches the main characters attitude to life.



Award for the most innovative documentary film language,

in the amount of 10 000 PLN, funded by the Polish Film Institute
(Rêve) d'un pays éloigné / (Dream) of a Distant Land, dir. Muriel Montini
Using a disturbing yet poetic visual technique, the story of a difficult relationship between mother and daughter is told. A never-ending story between darkness and light.


The Award of the President of Szczecin for the best Polish Competition film that opens the documentary genre to new perspectives, with a cash prize of 10,000 PLN funded by the City of Szczecin
I award (6. 000 PLN)
Echoes Course, dir. Maja Wolińska/Joan Leandre
For boldly operating the concept of emptiness, both on the level of image and content, and putting the viewer in an emotional state.
II award (4. 000 PLN)
Kiedy będę ptakiem / When I am a bird, dir. Monika Pawluczuk
For an insightful depiction of the inner world of people usually portrayed as a tourist attraction. The jury appreciates the harmony of the means of expression: very good cinematography and surprising dramaturgy. 
Matter of state, dir. Teresa Otulak

For a compendious philosophical message and a clear construction of the production. The jury wishes the author great artistic development in the future.


Audience Award,
in the amount of 1000 €, funded by the Polish Television (TVP)
Zugperlen, dir. Gregor Eppinger 


The Nowa Amerika Award for the films that most thoroughly represent the festival profile, funded by the OFFicyna Association
Arefi, das Hirte, dir. Daniel Asadi Faezi
Furor, dir. Salome Laloux-Bard
Gli immacolati, dir. Ronny Trocker
Hybris, dir. 
Arjan Brentjes
O rządach miłości, dir. Adela Kaczmarek
(Rêve) d'un pays éloigné, dir. Muriel Montini 
Award for the best West Pomerania Shorts competition film, funded by the OFFicyna Association
Do widzenia!, dir. Natalia Kierasińska; Artur Ettinger
Award for the best telephoneART competition film, funded by the OFFicyna Association


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