Festival Opening Ceremony

The inauguration of Szczecin European Film Festival will take place in the building of Telewizja Polska in Szczecin, and will be comprised of two modules. The official part will include talks with the invited guests about the state of modern documentary cinema, the presentation of directors, sponsors, and partners of the festival, as well as the program of Spring Autumn in Szczecin. This part of the opening ceremony will be broadcast live by TVP Szczecin. The next, unofficial part is the screening of “Anplagd” – the Polish première of the latest documentary film by Mladen Kovacevic.

The ceremony will be hosted by Tomasz Raczek, a known and valued expert on the widely understood art of film. Tomasz Raczek. Film critic, journalist, publisher, lecturer, director of film channels, creator of television and radio programmes, author and co-author of books on cinema. Along with Zygmunt Kałużyński he created the famous review duo known for their heated arguments about films. Has worked for many papers and periodicals, including “Wprost,” “Rzeczpospolita,” “Polityka,” “Film,” “Teatr,” “Ekran,” “Kino,” “Cinema,” “Playboy,” “The European,” and “The Montreal Gazette.” He loves the sea and passenger ships. He collects books, paintings, and all manner of marine-related objects. He dreams to live in a real lighthouse with a view of the horizon.

The Partner of the Opening Ceremony is Szczecińska Energetyka Cieplna, West Pomerania's leading distributor of heat and electrical power vendor. Together with heating companies from
Barlinek, Dębno, Łobez, Myślibórz, Połczyn-Zdrój, Słubice and Strzelec Krajeńskich, they create the SEC group.



Mladen Kovacevic, Serbia/Finlandia 2013

Vera, a private detective retired to the village where she grew up as shepherdess, and Pera, the know-it-all peasant of many esoteric skills, are the last remaining leaf-players -  both in the autumns of their lives, still strongly blowing into leaves. Josip is an amateur inventor set out to decode the obscure artistry of leaf-playing. “Unplugged” is an existential allegory about music played on tree leaves, humorously rattling between the most primitive of instruments and the most universal escapism of music. Music has rarely been so offbeat.




Short biography

After years of studying fiction film directing in Belgrade, London, and Cape Town, Mladen Kovacevic has wholeheartedly dedicated himself to documentaries. In just few years, he made two commissioned documentaries, a thematic documentaryDumbfounded Hog, and his début documentary feature, the unpretentious and highly acclaimed Unplugged (Visions du Réel, Hot Docs, CPH:DOX, FIDMarseille, RAINDANCE, Best Film Award at BELDOCS - Best Serbian Documentary in 2013, etc.) [kropka] The Wall of Death, and All That, his latest project, is currently in production.

Selected Filmography:

Dumbfounded hog (2010, thematic documentary)
Unplugged (2013, debut documentary feature)
The Wall of Death, and All That (ERD 2015, [documentary] feature in production)



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