Kana's Cellar: concerts

Chillout Zone in Kana's Cellar gives you concerts, including the acoustic concert of the blues band Bona Fides, winners of this year's special edition of the Młoda Nuta music competition, as well as the one and only concert by the SEFF Orchestra, featuring famous musicians from Szczecin, alphabetically: Aleksander Różanek (Chorzy, Feng Szuja), Alicja Kruk (OHO!KOKO), Damian Ukeje (Ukeje), Katarzyna Trzepiałowska (Kasia Buja, Jackpot), Maciej Kałka (Łona & Pimps, Chango), Maciej Kazuba (Feng Szuja, Jackpot), Marcin Martinez Prążyński (Ukeje), Marek Szul (OHO!KOKO), Szymon Drabkowski (Chango), Tomasz Jóźwiak (Ukeje) i Wioletta Baran (ex Big Fat Mama). 

SEFF Orchestra - 03.10.2014, godzina 22:30
Piwnica Kany, pl. Świętego Piotra i Pawła 4/5

Bona Fides - 04.10.2014, godzina 22:30
Piwnica Kany, pl. Świętego Piotra i Pawła 4/5

Kana's Cellar is consistently open to any creative events: films, meetings, discussions, and most of all spontaneous events initiated by the exceptional visitors of the Kana Cellar. Good music through loudspeakers and often live on the cellar stage also influences the unique feel of this place.

Kana's Cellar is also a gallery presenting works of young artists and pointing out current and possible directions of development of art. The gallery organises group exhibitions, workshops, and meetings with artists of various studios, enabling the comparison of attitudes and exchange of experiences, of various creative circles, both students and professors.

Great coffee, good cooking, and, most of all, a rich choice of interesting beers and other beverages – all this makes the time you spend with us incredibly pleasant.

Piwnica Kany
Plac Piotra i Pawła 4/5
70-521 Szczecin


SEFF ORCHESTRA 03.10.2014 

Aleksander Różanek (Chorzy, Feng Szuja)
photo: Piotr Magdziarz


Wioletta Baran (ex. Big Fat Mama)


Alicja Kruk i Marek Szul (OHO!KOKO) 


Katarzyna Trzepiałowska (Kasia Buja, Jackpot) i Maciej Kazuba (Feng Szuja, Jackpot)


Szymon Drabkowski (Chango, ex. Big Fat Mama)


Marcin "Martinez" Prążyński, Tomasz Jóźwiak, Damian Ukeje (Ukeje)
photo: Agnieszka Świderska



BONA FIDES 04.10.2014





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