Kelmend Karuni

About the artist

Kelmend Karuni (aka Zino Raza or Mas O Ze) is an albanian filmmaker.


Vi Bast Bindu (2014)
Vlora - the beauty unveiled (2014)
Pijanecet e Ajrit te Eger (2014)
Sibyls of our times (2013)
Fresk Fare (2013)
Homofobia (2013)
Epical Legendary Songs of the Highlands (2013)
The Doors of Hell (2013)
ADA (2013)
The Mysteries of Xhubleta (2010)
Scorcher Heat (2010)
Frigidance (2010)
Story from the Ferry (2009)
Der Albaner (2009)
Alive (2008)

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