Zane Whittingham

About the artist

Traditional 2d animator, who has gained experience working on commercial projects in animation studios working as part of a large team on children’s tv, adverts, films and computer games. Working independently and experimentally in a small studio Fettle Animation which have set up with his partner. [He makes] S[s]urreal comic animation and also animated documentaries which deal with challenging subject material with warmth and humour.


Children of the Holocaust, 2014
Flashman Share a Story, 2014
A Day in the Life of St Anthony’s, 2014
Mission Possible, 2013
A War Within Animated Documentary, 2012
Olympiad Twenty Twelve/Spooky Sport, 2012
Idents for Children’s Media Conference, 2012
Gumblegoos, 2012
Dragnstore Promo, 2012
Warmer Homes Promo, 2012
British Animation Awards Sting, 2012
Fragile Stories Animated Documentaries, 2012
Development work, 2011
3x Getting Involved Making a Difference Animated Documentaries, 2011
Idents for Children’s Media Conference/Viral Campaign, 2011
Hermit with a Parking Permit, 2011
4 x Childrens ITV Idents, 2011
Untold Stories Animated Documentaries, 2011
Lightgarden Installation, 2010
Childrens Media Conference Titles, 2010
Internet Sting, 2010
Election Promo, 2010
Answers Music Video, 2010
The Fragility of Thingz, 2010
The Girl With the World In Her Hair, 2009
Sounds Like Bradford, 2009
GLUW, 2009
The Jumbly Gir, 2008
Bee Cowz Zoom Animation, 2008

Past events


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