Est-ce que...?

Running time: 3'
Est-ce que...?
Production: 2007

In the contemporary world, with the continuous increasing of speeches, messages and images, Art could become a mere additional noise. In this work, the images show the ruins of a wonderful Renaissance palace and at the same time the artist’s voice is heard, in part covered by a quantity of sounds, which wonders whether Art, in order to be heard, must scream higher than: “medias, neoconservative, far right-wing, his mother when she is angry, global warming, women’ orgasms from pornographic films, famine in the third world”, etc.
The choice of the place (a Renaissance palace) and the presentation (slide show) is not an accident. By that, the artist places and brings technologies and contemporary Art face to face with their history and highlights the ambiguity of the overabundance of the period we live in.


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