SYNAPSCAPE / ahuenna!

Running time: 4' 18''
SYNAPSCAPE / ahuenna!
Production: 2009

camera / editing: Piotr Wegrzynski
music: SYNAPSCAPE / ahuenna!
performers: Sylvia Lajbig, Bitch Von Kicz, Piotr Węgrzyński

Music video for the track "ahuenna!" by German group SYNAPSCAPE. It was created as part of BlackFleshVideo – SUKA OFF’s permanent project exploring the possibilities of image and sound synchronisation.
Importantly, this concept rejects the automated synchronisation process based solely on processing. Formally, it’s based on the convention of performance for camera and traditional film editing work.
Aesthetically, it continues to portray the dynamic physical processes in a fetishised post-industrial space, which is characteristic for the group’s work.


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