Czarna Bandera

Running time: 10'

Czarna Bandera / Black Flag
Production: Poland 2014

Szczecin. A fragment of a transportation artery, an unfinished ramp for pedestrians. The construction came to a halt mid-process, not allowing for the flow of people and energy. This resulted in the construction becoming independent of the main overpass. The excluded space became shelter for excluded people. The homeless have adapted the construction; now, with Artur Rozen, they are “rejuvenating” the site. They are marking it with black, the symbol for eclipse. Black is not considered a colour but rather the the lack of it, the colour of emptiness. The line of narration speaks of the life of pirates of the 18th century, which was full of freedom but also exclusion. Despite the passing of time, certain aspects of life seem to overlap with the conditions in which modern “street folk” end up living. These similarities remind of the struggle that the homeless face everyday.





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