Gli immacolati

Running time: 13'

Gli immacolati / The immaculates
Production: Italy, 2013

One day in a certain quiet town, where everyone knows everybody, a certain young man returned home – as he would every night. He parked his car. He saw his sister outside the house and understood that something bad had happened. The sixteen-year-old said she had been brutally raped by two young Romanies. The brother tried to find the perpetrators, but they vanished into thin air. The neighbours organised a solidarity march with the raped girl. As many as four hundred people came. The participants made their way towards the ruined farm, where local Romanis lived. The teenage girl is at the police station. Questioned, she suddenly says something completely different than what she had confessed to her brother. Events snowball. The documentary was produced with the use of 3D animation.






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