La Fièvre

Running time: 40'

La Fièvre / A Spell of Fever
Production France 2014

A feverish night in Morocco, year 2011. A child feels the presence of a spirit: it is a woman who came from the sea, returned after a long exile. The cause of her exile was political. This film is a quiet tale: a bodiless voice and visions entangle in the darkness of the night and the fever. The child of contemporary times and the political refugee come back home, they become one, they roam through strange, abandoned buildings, in search of a lost home and childhood. A voice of a man returns from the past to protect the woman and revive her lost memories. The history of decolonisation,  a forgotten fight, appear and disappear in feverish hallucinations. And then a new fight, the Arab Spring in Morocco, floods the future.






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