Nóż w wozie

Running time: 11'

Nóż w wozie / Knife in the Wife
Production: Poland 2014

If one were to seek film references, this wouldn't be an easy connotation with Polański's Knife in the Water, but with The Impossible Goodbye – the atmospheric, melancholy debut of Stanisław Jędryka from 1962. Both films tell the story of a provincial circus. The films are 52 years apart and belong to different genres (The Impossible Goodbye is a feature film), and the laundry is done differently as well (no buckets or jugs anymore, but an automatic laundry machine). However, in both the 50-year-old circus story as well as the contemporary one, the circus lady does the laundry outside. In the story by Vita Drygas we get to see the Arizona circus, where the husbands throw knives at their wives. And the audience, regardless of age, take in the experience: the funny, the scary, and the exciting.





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