Pan Ciasteczko

Running time: 12' 22''

Pan Ciasteczko / Mr. Biscuit
Production: Poland, 2014

Mr. Biscuit is Krzysztof Kraśniewicz, a citizen of the city of Szczecin, who despite his disablity managed to make his place within the local artistic and cultural circles. It would seem that such a person would require a helping hand, encouragement, and direction, but he has taken his fate into his own hands and found his own way through life, making it more attractive. Krzysztof Kraśniewicz regularly attends most of the city's cultural events, and this consistent presence at premieres, exhibitions, and literary soirees has made him a well-known figure in the local artistic environment. Art and culture are his main passion as well as a recipe for socialising. This sounds lofty, and that is precisely the way it's supposed to sound.





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