Running time: 59'

Production: Iceland / Sweden 2014

Salóme Fannberg is a tapestry artist in her late fifties. Despite poor health, she weaves frenetically. Ever since I can remember, she's had a loom between her hands. But one day she decided to give up her art to concentrate on raising her children. This would take her 23 years. There are six of us; four different fathers of four nationalities. I am the oldest. I have not lived with her since I was a teenager. Today I have returned to Iceland. I am 35, without children and with an ambition to film her. Under an avalanche of my questions she grows taciturn un-wanting to reveal herself. In our tug of war I keep my camera pointed at her incessantly. She is firm in her disapproval.
(Yrsa Roca Fannberg)





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