To byłoby coś pięknego

Running time: 17'

To byłoby coś pięknego / That would be beautiful
Production: Poland 2014

Humanity's problem with colonising Mars would have been resolved long ago if there had only been a way to return from this planet that is almost a year's travel away. It has been decided to at least send people on a one-way journey to Mars. The international program received over 200 thousand submissions from volunteers worldwide. Among them there is Mrs Aleksandra, a biology teacher from Sosnowiec, fulfilled in her family and professional life, fascinated by the possibility of establishing the new cradle of mankind. Like we said, there is no return from Mars, although the lady from the Social Insurance Institution associates the planet with some – distant nonetheless – Great Britain, Ireland, and maybe even Germany. And Mrs Aleksandra, aware of her mission's significance, gets her pension secured and gets accustomed to Marsian landscapes, strolling with her dog along the picturesque streets of Sosnowiec.






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