Chopin the Space Concert

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Chopin the Space Concert/CHOPIN - kosmiczny koncert
Production: Poland 2010

An encounter with pure beauty – an experience that is indescribable in words, yet is best expressed through the music of Chopin.

The crew of Endeavour and the International Space Station took every spare moment to shoot HD footage inspired by the music of Chopin. On the mission's tenth day, the windows were opened for the first time. The astronauts witnessed a breathtaking view of our planet. Upon the shuttle's return, NASA made the video and photo materials available to Adam Ustynowicz – initiator and producer of the film. After over two years of work and complementing the film with material shot by ESA astronaut Paolo Nespoli, as well as subsequent shuttle and ISS expeditions, the film had its première. On December 10th 2012 the film received the Grand Prix at the Monaco International Film Festival, and on June 17th 2013 it was screened during the conference of the United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space. In 2015 the film will have a chance to become the symbol of the International Year of Light, celebrated under the patronage of UNESCO.





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