Kierunek Nowa Huta

Running time: 12'

Kierunek Nowa Huta / Destination Nowa Huta
Production: POL 1951

A film which can be recognised as a model agitational picture of the Stalinist times of Polish cinema, and which Andrzej Wajda could quote as the work of director Burski in his Man of marble. At the same time, a testimony of the experiences of artists who debuted in the times of ideologically and “aesthetically” dominating socialist realism. It has all the features of that period's documentary cinema, where commentary was the instance organising the whole film, carrying the biggest part of the ideological propaganda message, only supplemented by the adequately edited picture. The real idea behind the film is the apotheosis of the construction of the factory and the Nowa Huta city, which is created in opposition to Kraków, stale in its bad tradition.





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