Błękitny krzyż

Running time: 55'

Błękitny krzyż / The Men of the Blue Cross
Production: POL 1955

The middle-length The Men of the Blue Cross is another attempt by Andrzej Munk (after Stars Must Be Alight) at finding his place in the world of feature film. This time Munk reconstructs the events that took place in the last days of war, and have been written down in the Chronicle of the Mountain Volunteer Search and Rescue organisation (GOPR) in Zakopane. During this operation, Polish GOPR rescuers went to save the lives of wounded Soviet and Slovak partisans hiding in a shelter in the Slovakian part of the Tatra Mountains which was still controlled by the Germans. Munk's film tells the story of this expedition, with the intention to portray the authentic heroes of those long past events.





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