Polska Kronika Filmowa (numer jubileuszowy – 1959 rok, nr 52 – A-B)

Running time: 20'

Polska Kronika Filmowa (numer jubileuszowy – 1959 rok, nr 52 – A-B)
Polish Film Chronicle (anniversary edition – 1959, nr 52 – A-B)
Production: POL 1959

The fact that Andrzej Munk made the anniversary PKF chronicle in 1959 was a surprising move in the director's artistic work, as he was already a great artistic authority who dealt with great historiosophic, political, and moral topics in his feature films. As one can tell, he also liked to distance himself from the seemingly marginal matters, and the anniversary edition of Chronicle best proves that, being a pastiche of the genre as such, and of its Polish version. Chronicle's eleven topics are united by Wiesław Gołas, the actor who takes on different roles, including one of a shipyard worker, scientist, preschooler, orator, cook, sportsman – protagonists of events noted by the chronicler, such as New achievements, New school, New sport, New plaque (with the information: No famous Pole lived here), etc.





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