Walter Ruttmann - Advertisements

Running time: 25'

Short animated films with an element of advertising. Just as with the “Opus,” here we also have mostly moderate surfaces which take the shapes of geometric forms. To suit the needs of the advertisements Ruttmann broadened his spectrum to even more abstract forms and lines. Ruttmann created advertisements for Exelsior tyres, Kantorowicz liqueur, and GESOLEI exhibition in Düsseldorf. The pictures include advertising slogans.

Der Sieger / The winner
Production: GER 1922, 3‘


Das Wunder / The wonder
Production: GER 1922, 3‘


Das wiedergefundene Paradies / Paradise regained
Production: GER 1925, 6‘



Der Aufstieg / The climb
Production: GER 1926, 4‘


Spiel der Wellen / Play of the waves
Production: GER 1926, 3‘



„Dort, wo der Rhein…” / “There, where Rhine...”
Production: GER 1927, 6‘




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