W imię syna - historia zza żelaznej kurtyny

Running time: 60'

W imię syna - historia zza żelaznej kurtyny / The son who never was
Production: GER 2013

A moving, Polish-German spy story from the 70s and 80s of the 20th century. Janusz finds out that  right after he was born his mother abandoned him, being displaced from Poland to Germany. The man decides to find her but has problems with getting a visa to enter West Germany (FRG). Years later it turns out that Janusz's mother died under unknown circumstances, and there is another “son” living under his name in Germany – a Polish People's Republic's spy who stole Janusz's identity. After learning the truth, the man dies. Janusz is the uncle of the author, who tells the family story from a personal perspective.







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