Debra Fear

O artyście

Debra has been a postgraduate student (MA Painting) from 2012-14 at the Royal College of Art and has a BA (Hons) in Fine Art in Time-based Media, University of Arts London (2010). Recent shows have included PNTG NOV, Henry Moore Gallery, RCA, UK and ‘Badly Natured', NEST, The Hague, The Netherlands. Her films have been screened as part of the International Streaming Festival, the global screenings of the ‘100x100=900’ project, as well as the Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival and the RA Summer Exhibition amongst others.
Her works are highly structured, edited compositions with layered timelines that challenge limits of reality, in that their hyper-realistic appearance might be fabricated through entirely fictitious means. In this way they are obviously a digital form of painting, albeit extending out of avant-garde film history and using cinematic archetypes. Films, for her, are not only philosophic, cognitive instruments, but should incorporate aesthetic enjoyment; an absence of traditional characters or plot necessitates a different sort of absorption and identification.


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