Julio Velasco

O artyście

Born in Bogotá, Colombia, he lives and works in Paris and Berlin. He was linked, for several years, to the Arts and Sciences department of the Sorbonne University, headed by Olga Kisselelva, and actually he’s associated to the European Studies Institute and the Labtop of the University Paris 8, where he does a comparative research, directed by Alain Quemin, on the art districts in Paris, Berlin and London. His work focuses on the relations between art, society and bio-art (he published recently an article about this topic on the periodical [plastik]) using medias as video, QR codes, but also plants, trees, water, etc.
His experimental videos test, at the same time, the borders of this medium and those of Contemporary Art. They were showed several times at “Ars Electronica” in Austria, “Instants Vidéo”, “Vidéoformes” or “WHOOPEE festival” in France, “Colgne OFF” in Germany, “International Image festival” in Colombia, “Paseo Projet” in Spain, “LC Gallery”, “Michel Journiac” and “59 Rivoli” in Paris, but also in Brussels, Utrecht, Palermo and Rome.




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