Wittwulf Y Malik

O artyście

1967-72 music-studies in Hamburg and Detmold / 1972-76 psychology-studies in Hamburg and Zürich. Since 1976 free-lance work as composer, composer-performer, visual-artist, performance-artist and with experimental multimedia-projects. Collaboration with dancers, actors, writers, visual artists and filmmakers.

Since the 1960´s Wittwulf Y Malik has been one of the leading names in a new style of cello playing in Europe. He started experimenting when he studied the classical cello in the conservatory classes of Arthur Troester and Andre Navarra. He has developed his solo cello recitals to the field of new music and with time became absorbed with creating his own music.

His musical ideas seem to come out of an earthy and bodily space, aeons before our cultural history and tradition. At the same time they are also very abstract and spiritual like a music of a far-off future, when, for example,  a space of crystal and aetheric tone-particles or a broad field of harmonics appears and streams with a very long breath.

Grants in Germany, Italy and Sweden. Teaching-work at a lot of universities and music academies.
Exhibitions at a lot of galleries and museums. Concerts/Performances in nearly all European countries and Canada and the US.




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