Długość: 20' 38''
Production: 2012

What about nature and culture and their supposed contraposition? When they meet, is there really a difference in their behaviour? Are they substantially different?
Contemporary times prove very well that man is a mere product of nature. Like a medusa or a fruit fly or a fern or a bacteria or a virus. Like worms they fuck around in an apple until every bit is eaten. They die together with the apple and manifest themselves as part of nature. Hence, culture as a product of man is a product of nature and a product of nature cannot be anything else but nature.
One can spend moments of great pleasure watching nature. When walking just at dawn in a shopping center or an industrial park or through a parking lot. The early sun shines brightly in the dewdrops that hang on a ware house sign.
The wind enjoys itself with a plastic bag that is captured by barbed wire.


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